Payment methods

Plastil gives you the opportunity to choose between four alternative payment methods.

  1. Collection from our stores

Payment and collection from our branch in Thessaloniki (12 Leontos Sofou) or from our headquarters in Ptolemaida (3 The km Ptolemaida-Kastoria.)

2. COD

In case of sending your order by courier, with an additional charge of € 2.50. This gives you the opportunity to make sure that your order is delivered correctly before you pay for it. If the customer refuses cash on delivery, he is deleted from the system and is forbidden to re-register forever.

3. Deposit in the company’s bank account

The procedure is as follows:

-When completing your order, choose “Bank Deposit” as the payment method

-You deposit the amount of money in our bank account by registered deposit.

-Send the deposit by email to or inform us by phone at 2463054466.

-We send you your order.

Bank accounts:

Beneficiary Kousi I. ΙΚΕ

Alpha bank: 8610 0233 0000 551

(IBAN: GR89 0140 8610 8610 0233 0000 551)

National Bank: 449/44024726

(IBAN: GR92 0110 4490 0000 4494 4024 726)

4. Payment by debit or credit card