Shipping methods

Delivery to your place

Orders are shipped within 2-10 days, depending on availability.

Orders are shipped with specific courier companies (Speedex) or with a transport agency in case of heavy weight or volume.

In case of shipment with a transport agency, the shipment is made after consultation with you, and you receive your order from the headquarters of the agency. Finally, the shipping cost is borne by the recipient.

Collection from our store

During the ordering process you have the option to choose
“Collection from the store in Thessaloniki” or
“Collection from the handicrafts in Ptolemaida”.

In this case you will be informed either by phone or by e-mail at the email address you have stated about whether the products of your order are available.

The store in Thessaloniki is open Monday to Friday 09.00-15.00 at 12 Leontos Sofou Street.
The craft in Ptolemaida is open Monday to Friday 08:00 – 16:00 at the 3rd km of Ptolemaida – Kastoria.