The Company

PLASTIL has been a dynamic company in the field of Plexiglas products for more than 30 years. It was founded in 1981 by Kousis Ioannis and today operates with the company name “Kousis Ioannis & CO”.

We produce a wide range of products, both creative and functional, that serve many fields, such as catering equipment, exhibition equipment and promotion.

Goals of the company are the provision of high-quality products, the improvement of the technical infrastructure of the products, and the monitoring of developments on its field for a better customer service.

PLASTIL is staffed with young and creative personnel, which in cooperation with the administration, have set as an absolute commitment, the dedication to the customer, and the continuous improvement of products’ quality and aesthetics.

We are equipped with Laser cutting machines, which allow us to cut and engrave on Plexiglas any shape with great accuracy. Also, we have the capability to cut stainless steel with great accuracy.

Aspiring quality and customer’s satisfaction we are able to accomplish even the most elaborate demands. It is worth mentioning the ability to combine stainless steel with Plexiglas.

We are always willing to collaborate with you and use our technical knowledge and experience in order to create new and functional products, which are related to presentation, aesthetics and functionality. Your needs make us more willing to improve our product line.